Terms of Use


Legal conditions of the service installment and responsibility

Clarity and transparency of the information.

BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL assures the fulfillment of Law nr. 7/2004 of the 7th January, through its Web Page and their General Terms and allows the access through electronic means, in a permanent, easy, direct and free way to the information concerning its name, financial data, registers, domicile and address of communications, as well as of the data of client, of his exclusive access.

Confidentiality of data and information allowed by clients and users.

BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL commits itself not to use the personal data of his clients or users for different purposes than the ones concerning the object of its service hiring, assuring through appropriate ways, the confidentiality of the same data, their loss or change or the unauthorized access to such data.

Treatment safety, data processing and data custody.

BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL declares and assures the real and total fulfillment of the safety and guarantee processes, in agreement with Law nr 67/98, of the 26th October – Law of Protection of Personal Data.

Advertising and personalized gifts to customers.

BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL may issue, by mail or through the customer service, some offers and information.

Affiliates program

The affiliates program of BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL allows the members to receive commissions for setting links that advertise BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL. BOWBASTIC™ INTERNATIONAL may alter the conditions of assignment and access.

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